A Mold Testers Opinion On Valor Mold

John in Reston, VA

It was great to have Ronnel here. He and his team were careful and diligent. They really put in a tremendous effort to get the hardwood off of the slab.

Andrew in Herndon, VA

Simply put, Joey and Kristyn were outstanding. They worked so hard and were nothing short of meticulous, conscientious, considerate, friendly, professional, and probably a dozen more positive adjectives that escape me at the moment! Plus, they had to do their work in what ended up being a very small space, with all that had to be moved, pulled up, and done.

As you know, I put many, many hours of research into services and best practices for mold remediation — and it’s obvious you all do things right. While I had every confidence in the two of you in this regard, it’s quite a different thing for your dedication to pass on to the front-line workers. I don’t need to tell you, experiencing other service companies, that this often does not happen. Kristyn and Joey approached and fulfilled every aspect of this job as if they were the owners of the company, which is the highest compliment that can be given. (Not even counting that the job went way beyond what was expected!)

My wife (who was here far more of the time) truly appreciated the care with which both of them treated her, the reassurance they were putting all their best into the job, and their overall “bedside” manner throughout the process. You are incredibly fortunate to have them on your team, as I’m sure you already know! There is just no way we could imagine them being better at their jobs.

I’m working on an Angie’s List review (which will include a lot of what’s above), attempting to reconstruct every aspect of the work in writing and what makes it so outstanding and recommended. The minute that’s posted, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, THANK YOU so much for doing what you do, and with such dedication and professionalism. God only knows why anyone would choose to do mold remediation — but we’re immensely grateful you did!

And lastly, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting our work completed before Christmas week. We can’t convey what a relief this is. It was also tremendously helpful for Joey and you all to accommodate the final day of work being Thursday despite your other commitments. For reasons he can explain (or you might guess), we had to have our heat turned off for the containment — which would’ve been no fun today!

With our best Christmas wishes to you all!

Lexie in Falls Church, VA

David – I cannot begin to say what a great team you had working on our house. Joey and Mikey were simply amazing. As I type this evening, Joey is working diligently to finish up the last little bit despite the fact he has been working for more than 12 hours straight. I know this has been a frustrating job for him but he has taken it in stride and always has a smile on his face. He has kept us regularly updated on the progress, helped explain the bumps in the road and showed up every time he said he would…on time! He completely put us at ease.

We 100% trusted having your crew in our home even when we weren’t there and really got used to having them in our house…like little church mice in the basement just a little louder. We are so pleased with the results and are well on our way toward imagining a newer and better basement for us.

I will most certainly recommend Valor to as many people who will listen and would be very happy to serve as a reference to any potential customers you may have. Please feel free to give them my phone number or email address if they would like to ask about your company.

From start to finish, this has been a fantastic experience…well as far as having a moldy basement goes!

Thank you so very much for what your team has done and specifically Joey. He is truly one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. You are lucky to have him a part of your crew.